Online Counseling

Distance Working - young woman using laptop to work and to keep in touch with friends and family.

Because of COVID situation, Mrs. Man is now offering counseling ONLY ONLINE, and she has no plan to revert to physical counseling service for the coming period.

Online Counseling is suitable for …

  • People who value my rich professional experience
  • People who cannot, or prefer not to, go to a counseling office
  • Cantonese-speakers who live abroad but would like counseling in Cantonese
  • People who value the protection of their identity & privacy
  • People who cannot attend sessions during regular office hours
  • People who travel a lot
  • Relationships of people who are in different locations on the globe
Privacy & Confidentiality

Privacy & Confidentiality will be carefully protected, see other page on this topic on this website.


You are welcome to call to enquire, have a brief conversation with Mrs. Man, ask questions, and talk a little about the nature of your problems, without any obligation. If you are interested to arrange for an appointment, she will share more details about the next steps.