Parenting Counseling

Parenting Counseling

The counselor will help parents handle children’s emotions and behavior problems, help them deal with problems in their daily life, emotions, behavior, study, and peer relationships. She will also help parents understand their own feelings and parenting styles, cooperate with each other, develop empathy, improve communication, build better parent-child relationships, and discover new and effective parenting methods.

Together we will learn to…

Understand Children’s Problems
Improve Parent-Children Communication
Help Kids Build Solid Foundation
Empathize Children’s Hurdles
Help Parents Work Together
Develop Confidence to Face Future

Common Children &
Youth Problems

  • Emotional Instability
  • Unusual Behaviors
  • Sensitive and Crying Easily
  • Stress & Anxiety
  • Irritability and Anger
  • Relationship Difficulty
  • Impoliteness & Rebelliousness
  • Learning Difficulties
  • Sex Identity Issues

Common Parents’

  • Parenting Stress
  • Lack of Confidence
  • Conflicting Parenting Styles
  • Coordination with Grandparents
  • Coordination with Teachers
  • Communication Difficulties with Child
  • Handling Uncooperative Child
  • Feeling Lack of Emotion for Child

Counseling Arrangements and Fees

  • Weekly or Biweekly Sessions at the beginning
  • Every Session 1 to 1.5 hours
  • $1200 per hour
  • Enquiry and Appointment
    Phone Number 28683066