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Enquiry & Appointments

Phone Number :
(+852) 2868 3066
Email Address :
[email protected]


Online Counseling

I am sorry my 18 years of in-person (face-to-face) counseling in Central Hong Kong is no longer available.  I will now only do counseling online.


Please see <Online Counseling> for more information and arrangements.  If you have questions, you are also welcome to call (852) 2868 3066.



HK $1200 per hour

Enquiries Are Welcome

When you see the counselor, you will be talking with her, about very personal matters. Therefore, you are welcome to call Mrs. Man and talk to her briefly at the enquiry stage before deciding to use this service.

In the enquiry phone call, you can….

  • describe your situation and your difficulties
  • ask questions about counseling
  • ask questions about the counselor
  • share your other concerns

Before you hang up, you can…

  • make an appointment for the first session, to start counseling, or…
  • just hang up and think further

How can I arrange to see the counselor?

By appointment only, please call 2868 3066

How Often Do I need to see the Counselor?

At the beginning, weekly or biweekly, then space out the sessions

Who Should Attend?

You are welcome to come individually, with your spouse, or with members of your family. The counselor will discuss with you who will attend before each session.

How many sessions do we need to attend?

​​It varies with individual situation. Previous service users attended varied numbers of sessions, and I cannot tell you a fix number in advance. As you go through the course of counseling, you will notice improvements and then sessions can be gradually spaced out.

How much time will each session take?

Average 1 hour for single person
Average 1.5 hours for 2 or more persons

How will you protect my privacy & confidentiality?

Mrs. Man takes your privacy and confidentiality of your personal information very seriously. You are welcome to read and enquire about her related policies.