Psychological Counseling
An Introduction

As a familiar Chinese saying goes, “Heart problems require heart medicine”. Metaphorically, psychological counseling can be seen as a kind of “treatment for the heart”, through which the counselor mainly talks with her clients and help them deal with problems with their emotions and psychological functioning, dating and marriage, family and other relationships, as well as other life adjustment problems.

The Counselor

Psychological Counselor and Family Therapist Mrs. Laurene Man will provide the counseling directly herself. She is professionally trained and equipped with in-depth knowledge and understanding in areas of personal emotions, inner psychology, dating, marriage, intimate relationships, family relationships, personal growth and family development. Drawing on her rich experience from her 35 years of counseling practice, she will help you tackle the factors which contributed to your problems, help you understand yourself and your loved ones, help you find alternative ways of living and relating, and gradually lead you toward a happier life and develop more satisfying relationships.

What will happen in the counseling sessions?

Your meetings with the counselor will be conducted in the quiet and very private counseling room and all information shared will be kept strictly confidential.

In the process of counseling, the counselor Mrs. Man will patiently listen and understand your feelings, ask suitable questions as she listens, and slowly guide you to think about your problems from different angles. She will help you get in touch with your inner world and those of your loved ones, and may encourage you to try new ways of behaving, new ways of living your life and relating with other people.

No one enjoys talking about his/her/their problems, but the counselor will provide you the needed support, create an emotionally-safe environment, and make it easier for you to do so at a suitable and comfortable pace.

Problems Handled in Counseling

  • Emotional sadness and disturbance
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Losses and grief
  • Relationship difficulties
  • Dating and Marriages problems
  • Sex Role difficulties
  • Family Relationship difficulties
  • Emotional and behavioral difficulties of children and adolescents
  • Parenting difficulties
  • Parent-child relationship difficulties

For more details on Problems Handled, please refer to the related page.

Length and frequency of Counseling Sessions

Mrs. Man will meet with you regularly, about once every 1-2 weeks, most often for one hour every time, and talk with you about your problems. Joint or family sessions will take longer for about one and a half hours.

Coming to Sessions alone or with related persons/family?

In the case of relationship problems, the counselor may sometimes discuss with you about seeing both parties together in joint interviews. However, you may choose to involve in counseling alone by yourself, in which case the counselor will focus on helping you deal with your individual problems and on how you can deal with your relationship struggles.

How many counseling sessions will be needed?

The total number of counseling sessions will depend on the nature of your issues and on your needs. For your reference, the average number of sessions most previous clients used ranged from 3-10 sessions but there are wide variations among different clients.

Counseling Fees & Costs

The Counseling Fees rate is $1,200 per hour.

You will be charged every session, and we do not charge by multiple-sessions package.

For more details, please refer to other pages.

You are welcome to give Mrs. Man an enquiry call (2868 3066), briefly talk about your situation, and discuss suitable counseling arrangements. Alternatively, you are also welcome to make an appointment for a trial/consultation session.