Parenting Counseling

Please refer to “Psychological Counseling” for a description of general operation and arrangements.

Goals of Parenting Counseling …are to help parents…

  • Understand their child’s needs, and help him handle his problems
  • Develop empathy and the ability to feel what his/her child feels
  • Find appropriate ways to handle their children’s emotional & behavioral problems
  • Improve parent-child communication and handle conflicts
  • Understand parents’ own feelings, sort out inner conflicts and overcome psychological hurdles in relation to parenting
  • If necessary, understand parents’ own growing-up experience and their own experience of being parented
  • Help parents cooperate as a parent-team, and contribute each other’s strengths and resources
  • Explore parenting roles and responsibilities, and related challenges
  • Examine together how to meet the challenges of being 21st century parents
  • Provide tailor-made parent-education, enhance parent effectiveness and teach parenting skills
  • Others, as appropriate to the needs of your conditions

When Will I need Parent-Counseling?

When your child has the following problems:

  • Emotional and behavioral problems
  • Your child is very sensitive, cries easily, and shows emotional fluctuations
  • Fears, nervousness, and anxiety
  • Irritability, gets angry easily, frequent temper tantrums
  • Unwilling to cooperate, impoliteness, rebelliousness, non-compliance
  • Peer relationship difficulties, e.g. too shy, non-assertiveness, anti-social behaviors
  • Study and school difficulties
  • Child having problem adjusting to developmental or circumstantial changes
  • Has been dealing with grief and could not recover even after a long time
  • Has had a traumatic experience and needs help overcoming its effects

When you as a parent have the following difficulties:

  • You are a new parent and you feel you have difficulty adjusting to the change
  • You find parenting really stressful
  • You feel you lack confidence in parenting, and you often don’t know what to do
  • You have communication difficulties with your child or your find yourself in frequent conflicts with him
  • You are always anxious and worried about your child
  • Your child’s behaviors often upset or disturb you
  • You feel you have difficulty exercising parental authority and your child does not respect you
  • You feel afraid to handle your child’s emotions or his refusal to cooperate
  • You don’t feel you enjoy or look forward to being with your child, or you feel emotionally distant with your child
  • You have difficulty adjusting to your child’s growing up and behaving differently
  • You hope to become a more effective parent

You are welcome to make an enquiry call to Mrs. Man at 2868 3066 and briefly discuss about your situation, and work out a counseling plan that will suit your needs.