Marriage Counseling
(& Pre-marital Counseling)

Please refer to “Psychological Counseling” for a description of general operation and arrangements.

Marriage counseling is one type of counseling service. It involves helping individual persons and couples deal with problems encountered in the marriage relationship. Here are some examples of the difficulties :

  • Premarital fears
  • Emotional distance or alienation
  • Communication difficulties and conflicts management
  • Emotional depression and/or instability
  • Extra-marital affair
  • Personality clash, lifestyle differences
  • Conflicts over parenting
  • Stresses and adjustment to changes in life circumstances
  • In-law relationship problems
  • Marital separation/divorce counseling
  • Post-divorce adjustment
  • Re-marriage
  • Blended family
  • Other difficulties in relating & sharing lives as a couple
  • Other Marital relationship issues

In addition, marriage counseling does not necessarily only focus on marriage problems. You can also use it to proactively enhance the marriage relationship at different stages of your marriage, through…

  • Premarital counseling
  • New Marriage Adjustment Counseling
  • Marriage Adjustment to New Parenthood
  • Marriage enrichment counselling
  • Marriage Transitions Counselling which focuses on preparing yourselves for entering into new chapters, for examples, preparing for parenting of adolescent child(ren), for empty nests, and other transitions.

You are welcome to call 2868 3066 to share your needs with Mrs. Man, and discuss counseling arrangements suitable to your special situation and needs.