Family Counseling / Family Therapy

Please refer to “Psychological Counseling” for a description of general operation and arrangements.

Family Counseling and Family Therapy are used interchangeably in the following description.

Families were the contexts where we first experienced ourselves, our interpersonal relationships and learnt how life could be lived. Our experiences in families influenced all of us in important ways, and also shaped how we relate with other people and conduct ourselves outside our families. We often talk about love and care in the family, but unfortunately for some families, family members have (without intending to) developed ways of sharing lives that members have come to experienced their families negatively.

Family Counseling helps clients deal with relationship problems in the family, and also help family members’ deal with related individual emotional, psychological, relationship and other problems. Examples are frequent arguments and conflicts, disrespect, control, emotional distancing, poor communication, alienation, or cut offs. These problems may be recent transitional ones or they might have been long-termed problems which started years ago. Very often, family members’ attention is focused on what did/could not work. Professional family counseling/therapy may help members re-direct their attention on the positive aspects of which family members are unaware, and discover new possibilities for improvement. In the process of family counseling, family members are often helped to move from helplessness to new hope.

If parts of the above description echo how you have been experiencing your family, you may like to consider family counseling/therapy as a method to help yourself find change and improvement, toward healthier and happier family relationships and family life.

Family Counseling may be used as a method for part of the process of your individual counseling. The counselor may use a family perspective to help you examine your present personal problems in the context of your family experiences, past and present, and help you think, feel and experience yourself, your other relationships, and your currently life differently.

When more than one family member share similar concerns about their family and share the wish to improve their family relationships, they are encouraged to consider family therapy. The counselor will discuss with the family about meeting with individual, some members, and everyone (if available) to attend different counseling sessions at different times. As family members influence each other, change in as few as one member will help start off ripple-changes in the entire family. When you begin, the whole family may come together, or part of the family can come first, and invite the others to join later.

You are welcome to call 2868 3066 to enquire, share your situation and your needs with Mrs. Man, and discuss counseling arrangements which will suit you and your family.